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  • Gomokuworld introduction is a website for people who would like to follow and learn more about gomoku. In this article we try to introduce our website.   Under Gomoku menu you can find detailed information about history, rules, game theory and officials. We tried our best to collect all live gomoku tournaments - you can browse their games and full results in Tournaments menu. You can read more about online events and world championships aswell. 
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  • GWC 2017 - Diary of Zoltán László

    Gomoku World Championship 2017   Diary of Zoltán László       Prelude   After my knee injury in August 2016, I was totally destroyed mentally and lacking opportunities. I decided to improve my Gomoku skills as I was forced to stay in bed. First of all, I finished second in Hungarian Meijin in January 2017, however, I was not satisfied with my results and the way I played.
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  • Basic principles of one-minute gomoku

    Basic principles of one-minute gomoku   Written by Zoltán László and Sandra Jones   11th May 2017     The idea to write this article came to one of us, Sandra, who was inspired by the success of Gomokuworld's Online World Blitz Cup 2017 and wanted to give some material to those who are relatively new to one-minute swap2 gomoku to help them better understand this kind of sport and make progress.
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  • 16 Useful Tips To Become A Better Gomoku Player

       16 Useful Tips To Become A Better Gomoku Player     In this article I will show my personal tips on how to play better gomoku.  I divided the list of tips on two parts. The first part is Before the game or preparation, in other words what to do before an important match or tournament. The second part is about the game itself and what to do during it. In the end I attach my last and most useful piece of advice.    
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