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Gomokuworld introduction is a website for people who would like to follow and learn more about gomoku. In this article we try to introduce our website.


Under Gomoku menu you can find detailed information about history, rules, game theory and officials.

We tried our best to collect all live gomoku tournaments - you can browse their games and full results in Tournaments menu. You can read more about online events and world championships aswell. 

Game database is a nice tool for quick search of games and players. All uploaded games are available here, take a look around and watch some nice games! Calendar stands for upcoming live gomoku tournaments.


Under People menu you can find players, their own gomoku history and some interesting statistics. To see someone's previous games just follow the links in his/her game history. Next to Profiles you find Ranklist.

This leaderboard includes all players who ever played a rated live gomoku tournament. The list has 4 categories, for more information please read the Rating System article. 


In Media we try to provide different kinds of entertainment and study material. We plan to upload more videos later. We are going to publish new articles regularly, make sure to check back if you are into reading player interviews, tournament reports, etc.. Under Useful you can download some softwares and find links of other gomoku related websites.


Although our forum is out of order and some bugs are still around, we hope you have a nice time browsing our website.