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GomokuWorld's Black & White Meijin

GomokuWorld's Black & White Meijin



I. Preface


We are happy to invite Gomoku players to a new competition - GomokuWorld's Black & White Meijin! It's a new online Gomoku competition consisting of cyclic tournaments with 7 minutes time limit per player and swap2 rule. It will be held every Friday at 20:15 Warsaw time at gaming website


II. Rules


1. Aim
The aim of the tournament series is to provide an excellent opportunity for gomoku players to fulfil their “competitive instinct”, to test and improve their gomoku skills, and to enjoy their time with those who have the same hobby. The rules detailed below are subordinate to this aim. They may be modified, depending on how things go, if it is deemed necessary or appropriate by the organiser.

2. Organiser
The organiser is Łukasz Majksner (also known as Usiek and undothefuture). He decides on everything
related to the tournament series.

3. Schedule
The tournaments will be generally held each Friday at 20:15 Warsaw Time (Central Europe Time - winter or Central Europe Summer Time - summer). They will always be created by using the nickname “gomokuworld” - this is how you can identify them.


4. Parameters

Number of rounds: 9

Time control: 5 minutes per player + 3 seconds per move (Fischer)

Rule: swap2

Minimum rating: 1200+

5. Points
After each tournament is completed, every player earns the score equal to the number of points he gained during the tournament. It means that all "bye's" and walkover points will be counted.

Also, TOP3 players of each tournament will be awarded with bonus points as follows:
1st place +9 points
2nd place +5 points
3rd place +3 points

The first and second halves of a calendar year correspond to two entirely separate tournament series, Black Meijin and White Meijin, respecitively. (the first half is denoted as black as black plays first in standard gomoku). For each series, the primary criterion to determine a participant's position in the final ranking is the number of points
earned. The following tie-breaking criteria will be applied sequentially:
- the highest place won in a single tournament,
- the number of tournaments in which that place has been won,
- the second highest place won in a single tournament,
- the number of tournaments in which that place has been won,
and so on.

6. Prize
There are no prizes besides the honour of having your nickname listed on together with the number of points earned. To deserve it, you must earn at least one point. No other information, such as full names, is posted, even if a player requests to post it. The winner of each series is declared GomokuWorld's Black or White Meijin of the year.

The Black and White Meijins of each year have the right to play an official match to determine the GomokuWorld's Ultimate Meijin of the year. The match should consist of at least 5 games played with at least 7 minutes time control (it is up to Meijins to agree for circumstances good for both of them) and be played until the end of January of the following year..

7. Eligible participants

7.1. The ultimate eligibility criterion for participating in a tournament is having not been removed by the organiser after signing up for it at The organiser will do his best and utmost to ensure an enjoyable and cheater-free environment by proactively removing suspicious participants before they start cheating and/or
behaving badly.

7.2. Generally, in order not to be removed by the organiser, a participant must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

a) to be well known as a reputable player to the organiser,
b) to be recommended by someone the organizer trusts (especially by the players listed in gomokuworld's contacts),
c) to have a credible profile on, namely, a considerable number of games (more than 500), credible statistics (generally losing to stronger players and winning against weaker players), a realistic winning ratio, etc.

7.3. Generally, the organiser will remove a participant who has behaved badly and/or has played in a way that raises suspicions of cheating. Forbidden behaviors:

- frequent nickname color change to grey (“blinking”) during a game,

- support of program or instructions from other people during a game,

- swearing, making fun of other players, using offending words,

- any other behaviour that is in contradiction with the commonly accepted rules of basic personal culture.


We wish everyone very good and interesting games full of enjoyment in the GomokuWorld's Black & White Meijin series!