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Gomoku is such a logical board game which does not have any international federation yet. So far live and online tournaments and events were organized either by individuals, national federations or Renju International Federation (RIF).


The Renju International Federation is an international organization in the field of renju, which was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, on 8 August, 1988.


RIF unites national federations and directs the whole renju world. RIF also includes the game of gomoku as an additional game.

The main tasks of RIF are to unite renju and gomoku countries; carry out important international competitions such as World Championships and others; to spread these games throughout the whole world.


RIF consist of several commissions, whereof one of them is Gomoku Commission. The commission's task is to direct and organize all gomoku related RIF events. During the bigger live tournaments a general assembly is usually held where RIF’s duties and plans are to be discussed. Otherwise a private forum is used for the same purposes.


Members of Gomoku Committee


Attila Demján - chairman, Hungary


Ales Rybka - Czech Republic


Vladimir Nipoti - Czech Republic


Piotr Malowiejski - Poland


Ants Soosyrv - Estonia


Madli Mirme - Estonia


Peter Jonsson - Sweden


Björn Lind - Sweden


Alexander Bogatirev - Russia


GergÅ‘ Tóth - Hungary



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