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Playing system

Qualification System of the World Championship

There might be many of you wondering how the qualification system of the world championship really works. What should a player accomplish to get to the final of World Championship? The information below gives clear guidelines about it.



The A-final is a round robin tournament with 12 players, playing 11 games per each. The winner of the tournament will get the title of the World Champion. Before the beginning of the tournament the 12 players have to be decided first. Below there’s a table that illustrates how the 12 seats are taken.





The Winner of the previous World Championship


National Place for last WC 2nd place


National Place for last WC 3rd place


National Place for last WC 4th place


National Place for last WC 5th place


The 1st place of Qualification Tournament


The 2nd place of Qualification Tournament


The 3rd place of Qualification Tournament


The 4th place of Qualification Tournament


The 5th place of Qualification Tournament


National place for last GBT 1st place


Organizing Country or The 6th place of QT



  • The winner of the previous World Championship - the world champion of the last WC can go directly to the A-final without having any need to join the national or international qualification tournaments.
  • National Place - There are seats that are given not to players but nations. The national federation of the country will decide which player gets the seat. Usually a democratic principle is followed and the country will arrange the National Qualification Tournament and that will determine the player who gets the Seat.
  • National Place for last WC 2nd place - it means, that the seat will belong to the nation whose player got the 2nd place in last WC.
  • Qualification Tournament (QT) - the International Qualification Tournament is usually held a few days before the WC.
  • The 1st place of the Qualification Tournament – it means that the winner of QT will get the seat in A-final.
  • National place for last GBT winner - GBT is an open tournament held at the same time as GAT. Since there was no particular prizes earlier it was decided to have given a national place for the winner of GBT for the next GAT.
  • Organizing Country Seat – the organizing country has always the option to add one of their players to GAT. However, in some cases they can decide if they want to use this privilege or not. For example an such case if there are 2 players finishing in top 5 in GQT from organizing country and a third player from the organizing country finished 9th, the organizing country can decide if they want to give the GAT place for their own player who came 9th (or anyone from their country) or they can give the place for the player who achieved 6th place in GQT(in case they think it would be better for the tournament, moreover they already obtained 2 places in GAT).
  • Cancellations - if the owner country of the Seat 1-5 cancels its participation, the seat is added to the QT seats group.
  • Limitation - any nation has not more than three National Places in GAT. Any achieved Seats – though would be warranted - that is over the seats limit are given to other countries as National Places based on the last World Championship places 8-12th, and if the Seat is still available, then it is given to the QT seats group.



This is a tournament that is usually played in Swiss system with as many players as the limitations allow. The best players of the QT will get the seats in the A-final. The number of the best QT players who get the Seats in the A-final depends on the situation of A-final Seats. Usually there are 5 seats given to the best QT players. The QT is played a few days before the beginning of the A-final, usually in the same location as the A-final.